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Grown-Up Testimonials

Mayor Richard M. Daley

March 15, 2007

Dear Mr. Christian,
As Mayor and on behalf of the City of Chicago I write to express my appreciation for your efforts to improve the health and well-being of Chicago's youth through the pilot program of Organic School Project (OSP).

By working within the Louisa May Alcott, Charles G. Hammond and McCorkle elementary schools OSP helps our students make better food choices through an integrated nutrition curriculum, outdoor gardens and organic offerings in the school menu. OSP advances the initiatives outlined by Chicago's Board of Education Wellness Policy and holds great promise for becoming a model for other programs at schools in our state and nationwide.

You have my best wishes for much success in your endeavors and I look forward to supporting your efforts to reconnect children, parents, teachers and others with the sources of their food and make our city a better place to live, work and raise families.

Richard M. Daley

Stephanie Szuts, Wellness Instructor at Lowell

August 2008

The students loved being in the garden!
They were super excited, engaged and contemplative throughout the entire time! I had them walk around the garden and just check everything out. I then asked them to find the carrots. They were little investigators. Once they found the carrots each student harvested a carrot. The students cleaned the carrot and then peeled it.

Everyone was really patient while taking turns and helping each other out. We then did a mindfulness eating activity that worked really well. The students were engaged and not disruptive. The students ate and loved the fresh carrots!

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