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Parent Testimonials

From Patricia

Wednesday / July 11, 2007

Summer Garden Impact
Brandon had so much fun picking peppers and herbs today. He is washing and munching on the peppers as we speak. He would not be eating them so vigorously if I just tried to serve them with dinner. Planting and picking have really had an impact on him.

From Lonnie

Thursday / May 10, 2007

Hurray, hurray, hurray,
I have felt in my gut for a long time that most of the learning problems kids have in school are diet related. The nutrition and taste of an organic apple is much different from an apple grown on a corporate farm. I was thrilled to my bones to discover the Organic School Project. As a former teacher and as a parent I know that good food today is an investment in the state of our healthy tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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